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Deadlines for EMT, P1 and P2

When you enrolled in the program initially, there was a segment on the admissions page where it delineated clearly your deadlines for your course or courses.  It stated:

>>Each Program in our School has deadlines by which students are expected to complete didactic and/or the overall Class or Program.  They are:
EMT – 3 months for completing through final exam and the other 3 months to complete the EMT Exit Session (skills) and all rotations.  Total 6 months.
P1/AEMT – 5 months to complete through final exam and the other 4 months is to complete Skills Practice and Testing Sessions and AEMT level rotations (if certifying as NREMT-Advanced).  Total 9 months.
P2 – 5 months to complete through the Paramedic final exam and 6 months to complete any remaining Skills Practice and Testing Sessions and all rotations through Final Field Internship.  Total for this segment is 11 months.<<
The overall course deadlines and what that means is also reiterated in the Student Handbook, which was also given to you during the enrollment process on that page, and is the official policy manual for the Program.  Your course access email also delineates your OVERALL course deadline in it when Admissions emails it out to you. The OVERALL course deadline is the date by which you are supposed to be done with EVERYTHING – didactic through final exam, skills practice and testing, and all rotations (through final field internship for Paramedic students).
Please be SURE you know your deadlines and stick with them. The Program Director is happy to work with any student who is in need of an extension if she is contacted BEFORE the specific deadline, and she normally gives one free extension.  Usually any further extensions require the payment of the extension fee listed in the fee list located in the Policies portion at the bottom of the website on percomcourses.com.