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EMT Training Program Information

How does it work?

3 Part EMT Training PROGRAM

First, complete the online coursework and proctored final exam.

Then, complete 2-day skills learning/testing session in TX.

Last, complete clinical rotations at PERCOM clinical sites across the US.

In summary, our hybrid/online EMT training program is comprised of audio lectures with real Instructors, instructional videos, live weekly online chat rooms, and live “in-person” training/testing sessions at PERCOMOnline Texas EMT skills and clinical locations.

EMT Training Requirements

Must Have:

  • High School Diploma/Equivalent
  • Valid Government Issued Identification Card
  • Nothing in personal criminal background preventing work as a medical professional.

Included with Tuition:

  • Online course and pre-scheduled EMT Psychomotor Exam
  • Mal-practice insurance for clinicals
  • Initial criminal history check during registration

Other EMT Training Requirements (Not included with tuition):

 student in chair

Home-Based EMT Training System

Attend our Texas EMT class from the comfort of home! Our online EMT school coursework and chat rooms can be accessed from your smartphone, tablet, or pc/laptop.

Open Enrollment

Start the course within 7-10 days of days of signup! Occationally, this can vary depending on background check processing time. The three-month coursework and six-month program deadlines begin the day you are officially enrolled, as well as a weekly attendance requirement to login at PERCOMCourses.com.

EMT education comparison chart

Online EMT Training & Final Exam

Course Available 24/7

Our exclusive Texas EMT training course content is combination of open book exams, audio lectures, presentations, instructional videos, and homework assignments.

The Final Exam is given live by a PERCOMOnline Exam Proctor by utilizing online webinar software from your home or office. This method allows the Proctor to explain the rules and administer the examination from within a secure, online environment.

girl studying on laptop in emt school
students practicing saving victim in emt school

1-One Long Day “Hands-on” Session

“National Registry EMT Psychomotor Exam”

Once the student has completed the online course and final exam, the next training step is the live skill learning/testing session. Our regularly scheduled skills lab (aka. “EMT Exit Sessions“) consists of a single long day (2 days for larger groups) live lab event: Practice Lab; Testing Lab.

If regularly scheduled training labs do not fit your personal schedule, then private sessions averaging 8 hours can be purchased and scheduled around your availability.

The session begins with familiarization of materials and equipment and then quickly moves into the “hands-on” skills training with fellow students. Furthermore, the dates for these sessions are posted on the PERCOMOnline Events Calendar 10-12 months in advance.

Clinical Rotations & 1st Patient Contact

Utilize the nation’s largest EMT training clinical network, and also signup your local EMS provider or hospital inside a Regional Training State!

Our Clinical Coordinator ON STAFF is ready and waiting to assist with your clinical scheduling!

Pre-Clinical Checklist:

  • Physical form completed by your physician or clinic
  • Copies or proof of the required immunizations
  • Possibly other forms depending on clinical location
  • 10 Panel Drug Screen within 30 days of rotations
  • TB skin test within 6 months of rotations

Patient Contact

Your first contact with real patients as a medical professional begins! During that process, you will track your clinical hours using PlatinumPlanner.com.

  • EMS – 60 Hours
    Hospital ER –12 Hours

TOTAL:72 Hours

NREMT certification example for student of emt school

Certify as National Registry EMT

As a result of completing our Texas EMT program’s requirements, the student will receive their Texas EMT Course Completion from PERCOMOnline. Furthermore, they will then be officially qualified to take the National Registry (NREMT) Cognitive Exam.

When the EMT student is ready, they will first create a National Registry account, and then submit their application and fees. Lastly, scheduling the NREMT Cognitive Exam is online and administered at a local Pearson VUE Testing Center.

*Certification/Licensing Fees Not Included*

ENROLL into Texas EMT Training at PERCOMOnline

  • Signup using tuition options on this website
  • Use link provided by Admissions to access Course Registration web page
  • Submit scanned copy of your government issued photo identification card, proof of high school graduation or GED completion, American Heart Association BLS Provider CPR/AED Card, and initialed & signed EMT Entrance Document PDF
  • Class signup At EMSTesting.com (Not Included In Tuition)

EMT Program Textbook

Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured – 12th Edition

  • ISBN-13: 978-1284243758