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NREMT Recertification

Remember, if you are NREMT certified as an EMT or AEMT and in this program, you MUST keep that certification active until you complete and until you have taken and passed all parts of the NREMT certification exam for the level you are applying.  You can use your work in this program for the CE you need to recertify.  However, you MUST have completed enough of the coursework for us to be able to credit you. If you are in AEMT/P1 or the full Paramedic program, you must have completed through Patient Assessment.  If you are a P1 Challenge and in P2, you must have completed through the Qualifying exams.  This way we can give credit accordingly for what you have completed and the credits you have earned in testing.  And by completed, it means all content through that point include research exams and homework.

You can do this one of two ways but you have to email Jane at programdirector@percomonline.com to make this happen.

  1.  If you are affiliated with an EMS service that has a Training Officer who is on the NREMT system and who will be marking off your CE credits for NREMT, you just need to email Jane for a letter verifying that you are in the Paramedic (or AEMT) program and have completed enough of the course to count for all your required continuing education credit for NREMT renewal.
  2. If you are NOT affiliated with an EMS service that has a Training Officer who will be handling your CE approval, then you need to log in to your NREMT account and REQUEST to join PERCOM aka PERCOM EMS Medical Education Consortium as your agency and email Jane and let her know your request is pending.  She will approve.  Then you need to go in and enter all your existing CE and/or for any topics in which you are not complete (or all if needed), list Currently Enrolled in Paramedic School as the class topic, sponsor is PERCOM EMS Medical Education Consortium and mark the MINIMUM number of hours for each topic as completed.  Once this is all entered in correctly, email Jane and ask her to verify your hours in your NREMT account.

We hope this helps.