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NREMT Renewal

If you are in the AEMT or Paramedic program, you must maintain either your TDSHS or NREMT EMT or higher certification until you have tested and certified as NREMT AEMT or Paramedic (whichever one you are doing).  If you have applied to affiiate with PERCOM as your “agency” in your NREMT account, you must email the Program Director and ask for a document verifying your completion of enough hours to meet or exceed the NREMT requirement.  Then you must put this item in your NREMT transcript and apply it to all hours you still need. If using this, be sure to list the Class as “Enrolled in Paramedic Education Program” and the sponsor as “PERCOM EMS Medical Education Consortium”.  Then apply this to the minimum hours needed. If you listed anything outside of PERCOM for part of your hours, you will need to make sure you have uploaded those CCC’s to your transcript as well.  Once that is all complete, you need to notify the Program Director so she can go mark you clear and, if you are an AEMT, send on to the Medical Director to mark approval as well.