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RSVP Issues for Skills

For each course level, there are specific parameters laid out to when you are eligible to RSVP for a skills session.  These are delineated in the Syllabi that are posted in the Resources Modules of your coursework, as well as in the Student Handbook (also posted there).  Be sure you read these thoroughly.  And please do NOT contact the Program Director or Skills Lab Coordinator or Lead Instructor asking for special concessions to RSVP for skills sessions for which you are not yet eligible.  The answer will be no.  We simply cannot put you down for sessions contingent on you becoming eligible because if you don’t, then we have to pull you back off. This is not fair to other students nor to the instructors who get paid by the head for their time.

The calendar is posted for months ahead of time so you should look ahead  at what you want to do and target your course completion of all eligibility requirements accordingly.  Thank you.