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Paramedic Program Order

There still appears to be some confusion occasionally about the ORDER of what to do when you are in the Paramedic Program.  Here it is step by step:

  1.  Following enrollment, you must read all Announcements, Archived Announcements, Newsfeed Posts, and Blog Posts for your course and watch them weekly for new Announcements/Posts. Also watch for new Messages in your Inbox inside percomcourses.com. Clarifications, notices and updated Policies affecting you will be posted in the Announcements portions of the site.  Look over the course site and all links inside the site to see where everything is located.  Read the Student Handbook/Policies Manual.
  2. Do your required Chat rooms well before time to be cleared for final exam – there are three for P1 and three more for P2. Don’t wait until the last minute or your final exam will be delayed.
  3. For P2, the same goes for MD Roundtable. These are usually only offered once a month and you must attend 3.  Start early but you will not receive credit unless you do them in P2 didactic.
  4. Complete A&P through the Jones and Bartlett Navigate 2 system early. It helps with grasping more difficult material if you understand the A&P basics.  And you will not get cleared for final exam for P1 (or P2 if a Challenge student) until this is complete and the gradesheet is uploaded and credited.
  5. Complete P1 coursework in its entirety – homework and exams.  Work with your instructor and follow his/her instructions and feedback.  Redo any assignments as indicated.  For both P1 and P2, Do NOT wait to turn in your homework in bulk or your grading will be delayed and being cleared for final exam will be delayed.  Do the items as you come to them and turn them in and complete the exams in order.
  6. If you are planning to test NREMT-Advanced, you MUST complete all the reading, review and work at the bottom of the P1 course indicated for this purpose.  You can’t go back and do it later if you change your mind after you have taken the P1 final exam or declared on the Entry Level Proficiency Form at skills.
  7. Schedule your first P1 Skills Practice after completing through Lesson 14 (Patient Assessment).   The other two sessions must wait until after you take and pass your P1 final exam.
  8. Pass P1 final exam and then email or message the Program Director to move up to P2 didactic if you are enrolled in Paramedic and not just AEMT.
  9. Complete the remaining two P1 skills sessions (one more Practice and P1 Testing) after the P1 final exam.
  10. If you are completing AEMT, be sure to turn in all clinical paperwork while finishing skills and in plenty of time to be cleared to schedule your rotations after P1 Testing is successfully completed.  Otherwise, hold on sending in this paperwork until you are in P2 skills Practice.
  11. Complete AEMT level rotations IF you are planning to test NREMT-Advanced. Otherwise, wait until after P2 Skills Testing.
  12. If you are a P1 Challenge Student, schedule your P1 Testing at the first available P1 Testing Session if possible and in case you fail, which would cause you to have to be bumped back to P1 didactic and skills with the subsequent increase in tuition.  If you are from out of state, you may block schedule your P1 Testing with your P2 Skills Practice and Testing as long as you do the P1 Testing FIRST for the same reasons.  If you do this, remember you can still fail and be bumped back to P1 didactic and skills (although this is rare because most students come prepared).
  13. Complete P2 didactic.  Do your Qualifying Exams after completing those sections of the course. Do NOT wait until you have done all of the didactic because if you fail either one of them 3 times, you will fail the course and have wasted time and effort.  Do them early.
  14. Complete P2 final exam.
  15. Schedule P2 Practice and Testing sessions. If you enrolled in our Paramedic program BEFORE 8/1/2016, you only have to successfully complete THREE P2 skills sessions. If you enrolled on or AFTER that date, you must complete FOUR (three Practice and one Testing).  This is due to the new NREMT Portfolio Requirements.
  16. If not already done, turn in all clinical paperwork requirements while doing skills practice.  Be aware that some sites have more requirements that what is posted so you might have to turn in even more paperwork later depending on the site and before you can be scheduled.
  17. Read the Clinical Manual and all objectives and all information sent to you by the Clinical Coordinator thoroughly.
  18. Complete all clinical and EMS experience rotations and requirements and work closely with the Clinical Coordinator to ensure you are completing paperwork and data entry correctly for maximum credits or clearance to start Final Field Internship will be delayed and you may have to repeat rotations.  The data entry and signatures are all ON YOU as far as responsibility to complete correctly, not the Clinical Coordinator.  Not obtaining preceptor evaluations and signatures and/or incomplete data entry submissions will lead to having to repeat rotations.  Falsifying any data entry or clinical documentation in any way will lead to dismissal from the program.
  19. Once all clinical and field experiences are marked as complete by the Clinical Coordinator, meet with her electronically or by phone to arrange details of Final Field Internship and scheduling.  You will also be required to meet with her again during Final Field Internship electronically or by phone during FFI to make sure you are on track.
  20. Complete all FFI requirements, documentation, data entry and signatures and evaluation forms.  Incomplete data entry or evals or signatures will lead to repeating rotations.  Falsifying any data entry or documentation in any way will lead to dismissal from the program.
  21. Once the last FFI rotation is complete, email the Clinical Coordinator to let her know that you think you are complete so she can review your final data and documentation entries for final clearance and follow her instructions.
  22. Once cleared as complete for FFI, email or message the Program Director to arrange the Graduate Interview with the Medical Director. These are USUALLY offered on or around the first Friday of every month so target your final rotation dates to finish at least a week before the session you wish to request.  Sometimes there are more graduate candidates than slots available and if this occurs, other dates will be added for the month until everyone is complete.  The Medical Director is not available based on YOUR schedule – these are set based on HIS schedule and availability.  Plan accordingly.  If you can’t make the available date(s), you will have to wait until the next available date(s) which can be as much as a month away.
  23. Successfully complete the Graduate Interview with the Medical Director.  One retest is allowed but it is BEST if you pass on the first attempt. Retesting required MANDATORY tutoring at your expense, which is typically not cheap.
  24. Once the Grad Interview is passed, it can take up to 2 weeks to process final paperwork and mark you clear for NREMT. Be sure your application and fee is set up appropriately in your NREMT account so the Program Director can mark you clear and notify you.