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Pay with Affirm Activated!

Starting today, March 29, 2024, PERCOMOnline has officially partnered with AFFIRM! New students can now finance their full tuition and textbooks, with approved credit. In lew of this new financing system, our in-house payment plans are no longer available to new students, but will continue for existing students on plans.

Students on our in-house payment plans will continue to make payments to their tuition balance like before using their credit card. Please note that Affirm will be available in the Checkout now for these monthly payments. If you are a student on one of our in-house payment plans and use Affirm to make a monthly payment, you will be required to pay the transaction fee for this back to PERCOM. All fees must be paid off before graduation will be issued.

2 thoughts on “Pay with Affirm Activated!”

    • First step, create a user account at http://www.percomcourses.com/register/.

      Next, add the Paramedic Program tuition to your cart and proceed to Checkout. In the checkout, there is an option to use Affirm in the area it asks for a credit card. Select the Affirm method and then click the payment button to activate the Affirm signup.

      Pop-ups must be turned on for our website for this to work. Also, Affirm is US credit score based. If you have issues getting approval with Affirm, we have another payment option for paramedic in our online store. Remove the full tuition payment from your cart, go back to the store, and select the Payment Plans for Paramedic and make the first payment – https://www.percomcourses.com/product/paramedic-plan-options/

      According to Affirm’s merchant FAQs, Affirm will approve up to $20,000 for a qualified buyer. They will even go as high as $30,000 with a $10,000 down payment. Our Paramedic Program with the textbook bundle is currently around $7,000.

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