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Platinum Lab Data Entry Issues – IMPORTANT for EMT, AEMT and Paramedic students

We are having issues with students not completing their required lab data entry completely and correctly at times following skills sessions.  When you do the lab data entry for the session, you must use your competency worksheet (that also must be completed correctly DURING the session as you do your skills) and enter everything that you did during the session COMPLETELY and CORRECTLY.  You also MUST do this either before you leave the skills session site or, if the session ran long, within TWO BUSINESS DAYS of completing the session.  We are NOT going to chase you for the data entry.  If you do NOT follow the rules and get the data entered completely and correctly within 2 business days of the session (and then email the instructor for the lab so he/she knows it is ready to grade), then you risk losing credit for the entire session. If you lose credit, you will have to pay a rescheduling fee of $309 and schedule at the next available session of the same type.  If you want it as one on one to repeat, that is $618 PER SESSION.  So to avoid this, you must do your data entry and double-check yourself to be sure you have entered it in correctly.  Also be sure you enter all airway management skills on the individual topics as well as on the Airway Management Line as is required.  We are sorry if this sounds harsh; it is not meant to be harsh. However, when you do not correctly and completely enter your lab data and notify your instructor so it gets “graded” in a timely manner, it creates issues for the instructor, the program director and your other lab instructors.  Failing to enter the data correctly and completely within the allotted time is not acceptable.  Also, this is an important characteristic for an EMS professional that you MUST master – the art of complete and thorough documentation of the event or incident,which will be required of you in the EMS industry.