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Email ISP Issue Reminder

Some of you chose to enroll by using other email service providers other than gmail.  This does create issues, especially if you use yahoo.  Many of these email clients have very restrictive spam/trash/junk mail filters and automatically think that emails from percomonline.com or JotForm are spam/junk or trash and automatically filter to those boxes without you ever seeing them.  Even with gmail, sometimes you must have the Updates folder open or look in it regularly as well to ensure you aren’t missing anything. It is just the nature of the beast because there are so many “businesses” out there that really do spam or throw out junk mail so we are all treated the same.  So your choices are that you can set up a gmail email account, change it in your online profile on this site and then also email the new email address to programdirector@percomonline.com to try an mitigate any possible issues.  Or if you choose to continue to use your existing email, we HIGHLY recommend that you check those other folders at least weekly for possible emails from us through our percomonline.com or auto emails from JotForm.or you will miss important communications and notices from our faculty and staff.  Most of the time we have found that when students complain that they are not receiving their graded homework and feedback, answers from faculty or staff or notices about being out of compliance on participation or deadlines it is because they are going to one of those folders instead of your inbox.  And remember, that if you find them in these places, you can try marking them as not spam or junk or moving them to your inbox to try and tell the email provider that you want these emails but that doesn’t 100% mean it will fix the problem so you need to continue to check weekly.  Thank you.