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Platinum’s Policies – IMPORTANT

Some of you there continue to do things that breach Platinum’s Copyright policy for emstesting.com exams and quizzes and other content even despite warnings from them. They now have a new post. I HIGHLY advise all of you to read their whole policy the next time you log in but the box first says this:

“IMPORTANT: Student Content Bans

Effective April 15, 2024, any user caught posting, sharing, transcribing, or otherwise reproducing Platinum Educational Group’s protected intellectual property will have their account access terminated without recourse for reversal. The termination of their account privileges will be permanent and not be reversed for any reason.”

Remember, if you are banned from their testbanks, you CANNOT complete our program. You will be marked as a fail based on “behavior” in regards to PERCOM’s associated copyright violation and cheating policies.