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NREMT or TDSHS certification renewal

ALL students in AEMT or Paramedic or required to maintain an ACTIVE and current EMS certification until you certify at the next level after completion of our program.  You can use your coursework in these couses as CE to renew your NREMT or Texas certification (other states are subject to those state rules).  If you are in AEMT or Paramedic, you must complete ALL reading, homework and exams through Module 8 on the P1 schedule to be eligible.  If you need the letter of CE for your proof (or for the NREMT transcript), please email Jane at programdirector@percomonline.com. Please include your name, what class you are in exactly (300N, 400J, etc) and what level certification you are renewing and who with (NREMT, TDSHS, etc.) in your email.  Thank you.