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Preparing for NREMT CBT Exams Help

A fellow student of yours has written and published a great book that is available on Amazon called “Ace Your Test” by Wayne Labat. If you have difficulty with exams, this is a good short read that might help. The sections on taking multiple choice tests and how to read and process through answering the question are excellent!

Also there is now another resource available for NREMT prep if you feel like you need it:

EMT & Paramedic Study Guides
Topic Specific Study Guides
NREMT Comprehensive Study Guides
NREMT Prep Lectures
Paramedic Bundle:
18+ Hours of Lectures & Paramedic NREMTStudy Guide
EMT Bundle:
7+ Hours of Lectures & EMT NREMT StudyGuide
NREMT Success Plans
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