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Reminder about NREMT or TDSHS certifications

We thought since it is NREMT renewal time that we should remind all P1/P2 students that you MUST keep your AHA BLS and either TDSHS and/or NREMT EMT or higher certification active to be able to continue and then graduate and test NREMT.  If you are affiliated with an EMS service with a training officer who can review your CE and mark you clear on NREMT, you just need to email Jane for a CE letter verifying that you have completed enough course content to meet up to NREMT renewal requirements.  If you are NOT affiliated with an EMS service, you will need to log in to your NREMT account and request to affiliate with PERCOM as your “agency”. Then email Jane and let her know so she can accept.

Either way, for whatever CE you need, you would need a letter from Jane that you would upload on that site to your “transcript” to cover the minimum hours/topics you need and then apply all of those to each topic. List the Class as “Enrolled in PERCOM EMS Medical Education Consortium Paramedic Program” and the sponsor as “PERCOM EMS Medical Education Consortium”. List only the minimum hours needed for each topic.

If you have affiliated with PERCOM as your “agency”, then you will need to email any other CE course completion certificates or cards claimed other than PERCOM hours to her in one email as pdf attachments for her review and approval.  Even if you don’t need to do that step, you still have to email her to request review and approval of your CE hours so that she can mark approved and submit to Dr. Frame to approve you as well.  Thanks.