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Proctored Exam Policy Change EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY!

Due to the fact that our exam calendar has been consistently full for the last couple of months because of students who have been scheduling themselves for the same exam in multiple exam slots for WHATEVER reason or rescheduling themselves for a different exam slot without sending a support ticket to support@percomcourses.com to cancel a previously scheduled exam at least 3 full business days prior, we will be adopting the following policy effective immediately.

If a student is scheduled for an exam and is a no show for the exam, or has already taken and passed the exam but proper cancellation of the exam slot was not done greater than 3 full business days prior to the scheduled exam, he/she will be invoiced and must pay a fee of $50 plus 3.2% to be allowed to continue in the course.

This situation has made it very hard on other students so thank you for your cooperation. Please do NOT schedule more than one exam slot for the same exam. If you wish to change or cancel the spot, please follow the policy for notification.