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Regarding the NREMT Provisional Certification Post

March 20, 2020 at 3:49 p.m.

Folks, no this does NOT mean that you can get your provisional certification from NREMT without completing the necessary skills sessions and rotations for your educational program – PERCOM. They are doing this to help get people out working during this crisis who have completed all program graduation requirements and are clear to take their certification exams and who pass the CBT with NREMT ONLY. They are basing this on the fact that the program has given you a course completion certification and has assured you are competent based on your completion of program established graduation requirements.

Remember, many colleges have or will close their campuses and then NO skills labs can happen at those programs. They are not waiving them – they are postponed until the campus reopens. We are attempting to keep our small labs going but allow the instructors or the students to cancel if needed based on this pandemic and travel issues, illness or exposure issues etc but we are trying to keep things moving along as best we can rather than grind to a standstill as much as possible. But NO program is going to give you a course completion certification so you can take the CBT and become provisionally certified without completing the program requirements, including skills and rotations. Please do NOT overwhelm us with emails and messages asking if this means you can skip lab practice and testing or be waived from rotations because that is not what this means for any school. Thank you.

Jane Dinsmore