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Roll Call Issues, Deadlines and Extensions

Logging into percomcourses.com and into your class weekly is how we take “roll call” to ensure you are meeting the requirement that you attend weekly.  After you complete your final exam and start skills and rotations, you still must continue to do the weekly “roll call”  So you are required to continue to log in once a week to your coursework, even when the coursework online is done.  We do check every few weeks to see where you are in this aspect, and you could be dropped for not meeting this requirement.

Then an even bigger issue is when you are not meeting your course deadlines.  When you exceed your overall course deadline, the system is set to automatically remove you.  This results in not being able to log into your course or do “roll call”.  When you apply for an extension, you need to do this BEFORE your overall course deadline, and then it is fairly simple for our IT department to take care of this. But when you EXCEED the deadline without requesting an extension, then IT has to REBUILD your coursework inside the site or you have to click on every item as complete all the way from the top to the bottom of the course again.  As you can imagine, this is VERY frustrating for IT.  SO PLEASE be sure you know your course overall deadline (it is in your course access email you received) and be SURE if you need more time, to apply BEFORE that deadline. When you do this, we typically will give one free extension, others are usually charged at $100 per month plus processing. When you exceed your deadline without contacting the program director for an extension ahead of time, most cases will NOT receive a free extension.  Also be aware that we cannot give students an indefinite or exhorbitant amount of time to finish the program  When you exceed your deadlines, you actually impact our mandatory reportable detention and attrition rates and can impact our accreditation.  So while we are flexible and wish to help you as much as we can, we need students to also keep this in mind and work steadily toward their course completion and work WITH us to get your through in a timely manner. Thank you!