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Skills Lab Policy for COVID-19 – Effective Immediately

April 17, 2020 at 1:32 p.m.

Due to the current pandemic and social distancing recommendations that have been distributed by Governor Rick Abbott (Texas Gov.), TDSHS, and CDC, the following modifications are mandatory for EMT, P1/AEMT and Paramedic skills labs for PERCOM students.

  1. Students are required to RSVP normally and by the posted RSVP deadline. The scheduling process has not changed.
  2. Students who have RSVP’d for a skills session may NOT attend that session if any of the following circumstances apply. However, the student MUST email the Program Director at least 2 business days before the session minimum to cancel the RSVP due to one of the below items and be specific in the email as to the reason to avoid rescheduling fees or other penalties.
    1. The student has been knowingly exposed to the coronavirus (without appropriate PPE), or
    2. The student has tested positive for coronavirus, or
    3. The student has been advised to stay in quarantine for possible coronavirus and is still within that quarantine period (i.e., travel into Texas from other states, cities, countries, etc. or family or friend exposure, etc.) or
    4. The student has tested “positive” for or has been ill with coronavirus signs/symptoms but has not been cleared and has tested “negative” for coronavirus, or
    5. The student has signs or symptoms of ANY potentially infectious disease that could be easily transmissible for close environments such as skills labs (i.e. cold symptoms, flu symptoms, body aches, fever, nausea/vomiting, malaise, etc.).
  3. Students must bring their own PPE to the skills lab to include a mask and several sets of gloves to wear and change throughout the session. Due to the volume of PPE entailed, PERCOM cannot supply these items during the pandemic.
  4. Instructors will question each student before the student is allowed to stay in the lab regarding any of the above items “a – e” in #2 and if the student answers yes to any of these items or APPEARS ill in any way, the student will immediately be sent away from the lab and not allowed to stay for the session. The instructors will also evaluate

if the student has brought appropriate PPE with them for use and send the student away if the student has not brought and is using the necessary items.  The instructors will also wipe down all indicated surfaces before students arrive for lab, manikins and equipment between students as indicated, and after the students have left the lab session.

PERCOM’s primary goal, besides quality education, is to protect our faculty and students as much as possible.  We ask that all students and faculty abide by these precautions until the pandemic is declared officially over and/or the social distancing expectations expire.