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Study Recommendation for NREMT CBT

A fellow graduate of our program sent this so I highly recommend you go to this site and use it as a resource during your rotations to aid you in studying for NREMT. It will also potentially help you with your Adaptive Testing requirement for graduation as well. (Instructor students, good to know for you for YOUR students.)


“This is a newer company, but the dude behind it is rock solid. Of all of the test prep things I’ve done, (I also really enjoyed Jon Puyor per Chris’s recommendation ) this was the best. It’s the only one I’ve done that teaches you how to break down questions, gives check lists and lists to memorize and milestone goals.  A part of the checklist is a group zoom where they tell you if you are ready or not. This program helped in my other apps to better break down questions and be a better test taker. It’s affordable even if people just watched the 101 test tips video, it would be worth it.

My strong recommendation would be to have students be strongly encouraged to use this during adaptive testing during clinicals to get the most out of it, and also have them use his checklist to see if they’re ready or not, it makes everything make more sense and compliments yalls program nicely. “