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Cheating – AI and Plagiarism

With the advent of systems out there like ChatGBT, we have been seeing an increase in cheating. Use of Artificial Intellgence to write your papers is still cheating, just like plagiarism.  Our instructors are now scanning all written homework submissions through an AI/Plagiarism checker prior to grading. If you submit an assignment that is written with AI or plagiarizes ANYONE (including a fellow student), this will be counted as cheating and disciplinary action will be used up to and including expulsion from the program.

We want you to LEARN the material, which means you need to do your OWN work.  It is ok to read from all sorts of resources (and you SHOULD).  It is even ok to study together and look for the resources and information together.  But you have to learn and write your assignments in your OWN words and also cite your sources.  This is non-negotiable.  Remember, if you cheat to learn, your PATIENTS are the ones who will pay the price (and you potentially as well if you harm a patient by incorrect treatment or inaction and lack of treatment in the form of losing your cert/license, monetary fines, or even prison time.)  Thank you.