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Preparation for Skills Labs – MANDATORY

We are seeing a big uptick in students showing up for skills labs either unprepared or not correctly enrolled and accepted in platinumplanner.com. Remember, if this is your EMT skills lab coming up or your first P1 lab, you have to have requested the CORRECT Platinum class, be enrolled in Platinum, accepted by the Skills Lab Coordinator in that system, and have prepared and studied for the lab appropriately. P1 and P2 students, bring your Drug Cards that you made to EVERY skills lab and KNOW the ones that are EMS care specifically related. If you arrive unprepared or have not been enrolled in the correct Platinum class, you risk being sent away and will have to pay a reschedule fee. For your EMT lab or your first P1/P2 lab, if it is one week away from your scheduled lab and you have NOT been accepted in Platinum, email Michal Leddy at skills@percomonline.com.