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Who is for What?

When you received your course access email, you are given an instructor’s name and contact information. That person is who you need to email for any questions or if you need help about ANYTHING while you are taking the online portion of your course that has to do with coursework, assignments, exams, or grading.  If you don’t get a result within 3 business days, it means it probably went to internet heaven and email again.  But when you email others like the Program Director, grading assistant (Mr. Gandy), Admissions, the Executive Assistant, Payments Manager, etc. for questions having to do with your online coursework, it delays getting you a response because we just have to forward that on to your instructor.

So please be sure to email the following people for the listed issues. If you aren’t sure, pick one closest to what you need. But it does help us and you if you email the correct person for the correct things.

  1.  Admissions (Pat Rogers) – enrollment questions, criminal background check issues or questions), EMT or P1 Challenge reviews, group discounts for initial enrollments by department
  2. Technical Support (Pat Rogers) – website errors (other than inability to log in to course after enrollment but not associated with possible extension request), course content loading errors
  3. Payments Manager (Angy Powery) – any issues with payments, payment plans, inability to get a payment to go through, change of credit card information, desire to make extra payments
  4. Course instructor – questions about coursework, assignments, exams, don’t understand concepts or why exam questions grade the way they do, etc.  Remember, you can also get live access to these same instructors during the weekly chat rooms, and they are happy to help you. But they don’t know you need help if you don’t ask. But remember, each instructor has more students than just you so it can take up to 2 or 3 days sometimes to get a response as they answer emails in the order received.  Homework grading takes time – continue with your coursework while you wait but it is not reasonable to dump several assignments on the instructor and expect them to be all graded and back to you within a week.  Send each as you complete them and then usually they will be back within a week to 10 days. If not, email the instructor as ask if you need to resubmit because sometimes they can get lost between you and the instructor.
  5. Program Director (Jane Dinsmore) – skills sessions (may RSVP through the system on this site) but other questions about skills, 1 on 1 skills requests, inability to access your coursework (usually related to need to submit an extension request), extension requests, questions about skills sites when you have been locked into a session but haven’t received information from the skills instructor within two or three days after being locked, no response from someone else in the system in time frames delineated above after subsequent attempt to contact with no response, Paramedic grad transcripts
  6. Skills Instructors – how to enter data into Platinum planner, questions about skills sessions needs before you get to the site, cancellation following being locked in (must be copied to Program Director)
  7. Executive Assistant (Sherri Carson) – clinical packet (shirt, nametag, tablet PC), course completion certificates, questions but not sure who they should go to
  8. Clinical Paperwork (Jerry Dinsmore) – be sure to use the submission system on this site to submit it all preferably at one time, except for the drug screen, which must be submitted within 30 days of starting rotations
  9. All other Clinical Issues and Scheduling (Tammy Williams) – questions about sites, scheduling requests, cancellations on scheduled rotations due to emergencies, problems at rotation sites, clinical paperwork questions and submissions, notice when you think you are done with all rotations for final grading on clinical paperwork and notification of Program Director.

If there are other items here not addressed on who you should contact for what, email programdirector@percomonline.com and the post can be edited.  We want to be sure YOU know who to email for what so you get the answers you need.  Thank you.