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P2 Students _Summative Psychomotor Exam

All P2 students who must complete the Summative Psychomotor Exam component before graduation: First, read your P2 counseling form carefully. I sent this out after you take and pass the P2/Paramedic final exam. If it says you must do this step, then you must do this step. All students who have taken and passed P2 final since this was implemented must do this. You can do it at any point while you are in rotations. Second, read the instructions carefully for this exam. They are posted near the bottom of your P2 course content in the final exam lessen module. Part of the instructions specifically says that you must have a live person that you can program to be your patient – someone you program with the answers to the questions so when you ask them, they give you the answers and someone on whom you can perform a thorough, accurate and appropriate patient assessment. This involves appropriately touching your patient. And you must be able to perform skills on them that cause no harm and for which you can reasonably obtain equipment such as blood pressure, pulse, skin, breath sounds, etc. And if you have access to other equipment such as pulse ox, ecg, etc. you can do that as well. Be sure that you do not inadvertently or unnecessarily expose your patient so taking their clothes off or showing their chest during ECG lead placement or exam should not be done. Touch as appropriate but verbalize if you have to remove clothing and what. Be sure you have also completely reviewed the checksheet that is posted as well because that is how you will be graded. When you don’t do these things and send in videos without a programmed patient or do not do an accurate, complete and thorough patient assessment, touch your patient as appropriate, and use at least basic tools, this will be sent back to you for redo. Please read all of the instructions and checksheet carefully so that you don’t waste your time doing this just to have it rejected.