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Reminder about Copyright Violations – Copying and Pasting, Screenshots, etc.

Remember, the test questions in emstesting and the content that is listed as copyrighted by us in your coursework on percomcourses.com is considered sole property.  Unfortunately, there are those out there who would use these items to share with others, steal content, or even to help others cheat on their exams. So this is a REMINDER that copyrighted material must not be printed, scanned, screen shot with computer, phone, tablet, etc., copy/paste/screen clipped or any other method to copy the material from the sites.  Platinum (who owns emstesting.com) has put notices up and notices pop up with every exam about this.  This INCLUDES copying and pasting a word or phrase for study purposes.  The software is set to catch this, and they have a policy on how and when they will ban you from their site.  All of their warnings and notices are also copied to us here at PERCOM.  If you are banned from their site or are caught in any other way copying, distributing, or utilizing copyrighted content outside of the parameters of your coursework, you WILL be dropped from the program, a report will be filed with your state EMS licensing office, and legal action may be taken.  We are sorry this sounds harsh but please understand that this notice has become necessary.  Thank you.