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Trouble Completing Some Skills in Rotations?

Are you having trouble completing one or more of the skills on live patients to finish your rotations, like intubations for instance?  We DO approve for you to use cadaver lab training to achieve those skills if needed.  There is an approved site in Spring Branch, Texas called the Health Innovation Sciences Center – www.hiscentre.com .  The hold regular Critical Care Skills classes where you can practice and perform skills on cadavers.  To use this option, you would first need to go to their site and click on Register and look at their available course listing. Your contact there if you have questions is Ashley Hopper at ashley.hoppe@hiscentre.com.  If you are able to enroll in a class, you will then need to email Tammy Williams, our Clinical Coordinator, and give give her the information so she can set this up on the Clinical Schedule for you.  The instructors during the class can be added in Platinum as preceptors so that you can document skills, and they can approve your rotation, your skills and evaluate you.  This class can be used in LIEU of OR hours if there is limited or no availability for an OR for you but this substitution will be on a case by case REQUEST basis only and Mrs. Williams will only approve if there are difficulties scheduling you for OR or IF you have achieved your OR hours but still lack intubations.  Other skills performed at the cadaver lab can be counted if needed.