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Rotation Minimum Requirements

The policies, number of runs, patient contacts, transports, skills contacts, etc. are set by policy and approved by the Medical Directors and Advisory Councils for PERCOMOnline, Inc., PERCOM EMS Medical Education Consortium and its affiliates. NOTHING can be guaranteed as far as how many patients you will contact in a rotation, runs you make, skills you will get the opportunity to perform or anything such as that. We have NO control over the general public, a service’s call volume for any one given day or week, a student’s lack of preparation in the form of bringing necessary documentation to the site or ensuring that all contacts, skills, and such are properly documented, etc. Things happen that you must be able to plan for, and that is why we recommend you allow yourself extra days to complete rotations so that you can get what you need because you cannot graduate without meeting the set requirements, period. Our staff and faculty try very hard to help each of you meet your needs but there is only so much over which we have direct control. You must plan accordingly, ensure that you have what you need prior to showing up at the rotation sites, and pursue your opportunities as they are available.