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Preceptor Orientation

Preceptor Training Page

PERCOM EMT, AEMT and Paramedic students are required to complete rotations in both hospital and field EMS environments.  Each level has its own list of specific objectives and paperwork/data that must be completed to ensure that the student attended the rotation and performed to a minimally acceptable level with a good attitude and presents themselves professionally.  PERCOM has high standards for its graduates, and Preceptors play an integral part of assuring those standards are met.  Your role as a Preceptor has a direct impact on each student’s outcome and the future patient care that he/she will deliver following graduation.

Preceptor Orientation or Preceptor Training is imperative BEFORE YOU PRECEPT ANY OF OUR STUDENTS so that you, as a preceptor, understand your role in this process, what to expect from the student, what the student should expect from you, and how to approve and review each student to ensure that all objectives are met and inter-rater reliability is consistent from preceptor to preceptor.  If you precept for other EMS schools or even other medical disciplines and have attended or completed other orientations for those schools, this will be a review and information for you on what PERCOM needs from you specifically.  So all preceptors for our students have to complete this orientation intermittently overtime to ensure that you are ahead of the power curve and have no surprises or moments of indecision about what to do or how to handle something involving any of our students.  This is not just required by PERCOM. It is required by TDSHS for all programs to orient/train preceptors and by CAAHEP for Paramedic programs.

The program following is very simple. First, if you are with a Hospital or Clinic or other Non-EMS agency, you will complete the section below for Clinical Preceptor ORIENTATION.  If you are with an EMS agency, you must complete the section below entitled EMS Preceptor TRAINING.  

Each section includes audio voiceover lesson that covers mostly generalities and then down to some specifics for our program and its students. After you complete listening to the short audio lecture to familiarize you with our students and their needs and program parameters, there is a simple quiz to complete, sign and return.  You MUST fill out the quiz for your type of training and submit it to clinicalcoordinator@percomonline.com so that we can put you on the roster as having completed the training.

Next in the list below the training sessions are a series of documents to which you will need to maintain this link for future reference after you review them today. These documents outline objectives and other important aspects of the program, including the Clinical Policies Manuals for EMT and Advanced Programs that are issued to the students when preparing them for the rotation phase of their educational program.  You should be prepared to go to this link any time you have a question that might be answered in these documents so that you have easy access to them at all times, so jot down this link for this website area somewhere that you will remember so you can get back to them.

So please, start first by listening to the audio lesson that is appropriate for you – Hospital/Clinical or EMS.  Then you can download and print off the quiz or fill it out electronically.  Please fill out all blanks at the top and answer the questions in the short quiz for Hospital/Clinical or EMS as appropriate. Once you are done, please scan it to pdf or save to Adobe after electronically signing and email it to Tammy Williams at clinicalcoordinator@percomonline.com.  Once we receive your quiz, we can place you on the oversight roster.

Thank you so much for agreeing to be a preceptor.  Your oversight and subsequent evaluations of these students help us to mold these students into solid EMS professionals.  If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Williams or you can call her if you have any issues or concerns at 903-407-1563.  Or you can call our main number at 325-480-2617 and press the option for the Clinical Coordinator. Please put this contact information in your phone so that you can call and ask questions or voice concerns if needy time a student of ours is rotating with you.


EMS/CAPSTONE Preceptor Training Video



HOSPTIAL/CLINIC Preceptor Training Video