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Arkansas EMT & Paramedic Training and Certification

Before committing the time and money it takes for EMS certifications, you must be sure there is not anything in your background that may prevent you from attaining your state certification! Any criminal offenses may disqualify you, so it is best to check with the state EMS office if you have a questionable background prior to training.

The State of Arkansas requires emergency medical personnel to be certified through the Arkansas Department of Health. To qualify to submit the certification application, the applicant must have already taken and passed the National Registry (NREMT) examination. To qualify to take the NREMT exams, the applicant must have previously completed an approved NREMT training program, like PERCOMonline’s EMT, AEMT, and Paramedic programs.

Other EMS certification requirements:

  • Successful completion of an Arkansas accredited EMT program
    including all didactic, clinical and field internship requirements.
  • Successful completion of both the Arkansas practical skills examination
    and the National Registry certification process.
  • Maintain a valid CPR BLS credential.

Arkansas Dept. of Health website


Students who complete EMT, AEMT or Paramedic with PERCOM and successfully achieve subsequent NREMT certification may apply for certification in other states through the Reciprocity pathway, instead of the standard certification application pathway as described above.  Some states also require certification in another state as well for Reciprocity. This applicant must go through the “Reciprocity” process to attain the Arkansas certification using their existing certification(s). In Arkansas, this process is relatively easy. The applicant will use their NREMT certification and complete an Initial Certification application like any new applicant. To learn more, use the link above.

From Arkansas state law…

General Standards for reciprocity:

  • Complete the Verification of EMT Status form (Obtained from the
  • Submission of an application for licensure and $20 application fee set
    forth by Arkansas Code Ann. § 20-13-211 payable to Arkansas
    Department of Health.
  • Submission of an Arkansas Criminal History Background check and
    payment of the applicable fee to include both State and Federal Checks.
    This requirement may be waived if the individual holds an Arkansas
    Registered Nurse current, active license or holds a current, active
    Registered Nurse License from a nursing compact state.
  • Copy of a current signed Healthcare Provider CPR card (Must follow
    current American Heart Association Guidelines and require a hands-on
    skills component) documenting completion of a CPR course designed
    specifically for healthcare providers
  • Copy of a current State certification/licensure card. (Excludes Military
    personnel). For EMSP’s without a current state card, who were previously
    licensed in Arkansas see Section XII. F. 5.
  • Copy of a current National Registry card at the current level being
  • Community Paramedic Only:
    • Meet all requirements for reciprocity of Paramedic Licensure
    • Submit National Registry Certification
    • Submission of education for Community Paramedic including scope
      of practice from transferring state
    • Submission of letter from an Arkansas Community Paramedic
      Medical Director with a signature showing candidate would be
      accepted to be in his/her Community Paramedic Program

PERCOMonline Training For Arkansas Students

PERCOMonline is not an officially recognized training facility for EMT Basic, Advanced EMT, Paramedic, and EMS Instructor licenses for Arkansas. However, many AR students have completed our programs for National Registry certification and use it to get their TX certification, then apply for the AR license using the reciprocity process.

PERCOMonline is not approved in Arkansas for clinical affiliation agreements with hospital and EMS provider sites within the state. Our AR students must use the approved sites found on this map -> https://www.percomcourses.com/clinical-locations-map/

Program Signup Options

For those wishing to become a certified EMT…

For those wishing to become a Paramedic and are already an EMT…

Written May 2019 by Patrick Rogers