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NREMT Certification Training with PERCOMOnline

NREMT certification training prepares individuals to take the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) cognitive exam and work in emergency medical services (EMS). It certifies EMTs, AEMTs and paramedics to provide lifesaving care in emergencies, but each profession requires different skills and training.Online NREMT certification training programs allow individuals to take NREMT training online and complete coursework on their own schedule.

Why Choose PERCOMOnline?

If you are looking for online training courses for NREMT examinations, PERCOMOnline is an affordable NREMT certification school offering online courses that fit your schedule. With hybrid NREMT certification classes, you can learn from audio lectures, instructional videos, presentations, homework assignments, open book exams and live training sessions. While the NREMT holds and conducts official certification tests, PERCOMOnline can help you do your best on the exams.

What’s the Process for an EMT Student?

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) deliver emergency medical services in life-threatening situations and are the most common type of EMS provider. EMTs know how to assess patients to identify any life-threatening illnesses or injuries that may be present. In emergencies, they may do the following:

  • Administer CPR
  • Splint injuries
  • Administer epinephrine for an allergic reaction
  • Administer oxygen
  • Deliver babies
  • Administer medications
  • Bag valve mask ventilation

Group of students practicing NREMT certification skills

NREMT Certification Through Training


Entry-level NREMT certification programs do not require a background in medical training, so you can start classes with a high school degree or an equivalent educational background. PERCOMOnline’s EMT training begins with an online course and final examination. The course’s content is available 24/7 and includes the following components:

  • Audio lectures
  • Open book exams
  • Instructional videos
  • Presentations
  • Homework assignments

After completing the online course content, students take an online examination delivered live by a PERCOMOnline exam proctor. The proctor will administer the exam via online webinar software you can access from your office or home. This provides a secure online environment for the proctor to explain rules and deliver the exam.

In-Person Skills Training

Following the online course and final exam, you will participate in a three-day “hands-on” session in Texas. This live skills lab, also known as “EMT Exit Sessions,” includes a live lab event consisting of a two-day practice lab and a one-day testing lab. After becoming familiar with the equipment and materials to begin the skills lab, you will participate in skills training with other students.

You can participate in a regularly-scheduled training lab if your schedule allows or purchase a private session that lasts approximately eight hours and schedule it to fit your availability. The PERCOMOnline Events Calendar posts session dates 10-12 months in advance.

Clinical Training

Following the hands-on skills training, you will begin clinical rotations and have your first patient contact. This process consists of 100 hours of experience in the following settings and disciplines:

  • Emergency room: You will complete 36 hours of clinical rotations in the emergency room.
  • EMS: You will complete 48 hours of EMS rotations.
  • Labor and delivery: 8 hours of your clinical rotations will be in labor delivery.
  • Respiratory therapy: You will participate in 8 hours of respiratory therapy clinical rotations.

After completing the online course, final examination, hands-on skills training and clinical rotations, you will receive your PERCOMOnline EMT Course Completion certificate. This certificate officially qualifies you to take the NREMT cognitive exam and become a registered EMT. Visit our EMT information page to learn more about EMT training.

What’s the Process for an AEMT Student?

Advanced emergency medical technicians (AEMTs) are EMTs with advanced skills. The AEMT position is a step between EMTs and paramedics. AEMTs can provide the same basic life support as EMTs but can also provide limited advanced life support and transport emergent and critical patients. They often serve as law enforcement officers and firefighters.

If you are licensed in Texas as an EMT or certified with NREMT, you can reach the next level of training to become an AEMT. PERCOMOnline is a self-paced program that accommodates most schedules and lasts nine months or less. When you begin the AEMT program, you will complete the online coursework and final exam within five months. The course materials are available at all hours seven days a week, and you will access the final exam via a proctored webinar from your personal computer.

Following your coursework and final exam, you will complete live skills training and testing in Texas. During this portion of the program, you will participate in two two-day private practice sessions at a PERCOMOnline training facility in Missouri or Texas. When you complete the training sessions, you will join other students in a two-day testing session under a live instructor’s guidance.

To complete the AEMT program, you will acquire a minimum of 168 clinical hours in EMS agencies and hospitals as part of the program’s clinical internship portion. To become a registered AEMT, you will then take the NREMT written exam. You can learn more about how we can help you become AEMT-certified on our AEMT course information page.

What’s the Process for a Paramedic Student?

Paramedics provide advanced medical care in emergencies. They have the skills to perform lifesaving procedures, use advanced equipment and administer medication. PERCOMOnline’s paramedic program begins with an online course and final exam. The online course consists of presentations, audio lectures, homework assignments, video lectures and open book exams.

A PERCOMOnline exam proctor explains rules and delivers the final exam live via online software you can access from your personal computer. After the online course and final exam, you will complete live hands-on training sessions. These skills labs consist of seven two-day live sessions.

Five of the sessions are practice labs, and two are testing labs. You will begin the labs by becoming familiar with the equipment and materials you will use as a paramedic, and then you will complete hands-on training with other students.

PERCOMOnline’s events calendar posts training sessions 10-12 months in advance, but you can also schedule private sessions that average eight hours if they fit your schedule better. After completing the online course, final exam and hands-on training session, you will have your first contact with patients while you complete a total of 456 clinical hours in the following rotations:

  • Emergency room
  • EMS
  • Labor and delivery
  • Operating room
  • ICU
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Cath lab
  • Cardiac unit
  • Final field internship

When you complete the paramedic program requirements and receive your Paramedic 2 Course Completion certificate, you can take the NREMT Cognitive and Psychomotor exam at a Pearson VUE Testing Center. Visit our paramedic course information page to learn more about becoming a paramedic.

Woman studying for the NREMT certification exam

Prepare for NREMT Examinations With PERCOMOnline

NREMT certification training programs prepare individuals with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to do their best on official certification tests. PERCOMOnline provides classes for NREMT cognitive exam preparation with exclusive content and flexibility so you can complete training that fits your schedule. Enroll in a PERCOMOnline program to take the next step toward your career in emergency medical services.